Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Choosing a Furnace in Winnipeg: Some Important Factors to Consider

Winnipeg is known by many nicknames, including The City of Rivers, Gateway to the West, and The Peg. However, two monikers--Winterpeg and The Windy City—clearly indicates how chilly it can get in the city. Winnipeg is known for its long, harsh winters, with the last deep freeze occurring just last April (a chilling -18.3 degrees2). This makes the services of Winnipeg furnace companies like Bison Plumbing indispensable. In a climate like Winnipeg’s, a good furnace is absolutely essential. A household cannot afford to gamble on an aging one not breaking down in the middle of a cold spell. Retrofitting or replacement by a professional Winnipeg furnace installation team is a must.

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