Monday, 29 June 2015

Winnipeg Air Conditioners: Checklist to Keep AC Units in Tiptop Shape

Summer is upon everyone once more, bringing not only warmer weather, but also the urge to stay indoors and seek the comfort of their home’s air conditioning units. Your home’s air conditioners are definitely going to be used a lot these coming months, and lest you want to be stunned by a huge energy bill, now is the time to prepare your AC for the impending heavy use. In doing your routine air conditioner maintenance, Winnipeg air conditioner experts remind you to check on these things that you might have forgotten to do. Is the area around your AC sealed? Ensuring that the area being cooled down by your air conditioning unit is sealed from any cracks or gaps is key to keeping the room cool during hot summer days. Gaps like the one found between sliding windows should be blocked out to avoid cool air from escaping, and though accordion flaps that come with most air conditioners nowadays might seem like a good fix, oftentimes they won’t fit right.

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